Accenture Adobe Partner of the Year

Accenture Adobe Partner of the Year

Our global network of result and technology mates are the force multiplier for our marketable business. They extend the core capabilities of our software with crucial functionality and extensions gauging client support, payments & security, marketing robotization, counting & finance, shipping & fulfillment and beyond. They customize our software to the specific business conditions of thousands of B2C and B2B guests across over 20 diligence. They partake our thing of enabling brands to produce important, particular gests with their guests, and work lifelessly to make this a reality.

Each time, we fete mates that have shown exceptional leadership and growth during Marketing Nation and Magento Imagine. As we unified the Marketo and Magento mate programs with the Adobe Solution Partner Program and Adobe Exchange Partner Program, we brought our separate mate awards together as well.

Please join us in felicitating the marketable mates who distinguished themselves in 2019 with their inspired work on behalf of our common guests.

Digital Experience Solution Partner of the Year

Corra Americas( Commercial/ Magento). Corra was on a gash last time, launching new fashion and sports assiduity- concentrated accelerators and a B2B division, all while generating new business and dramatically expanding their Magento instruments to further than 130.

DemandGen Americas( Commercial/ Marketo). In addition to contributing significant Annual Recurring profit( ARR) to Adobe, DemandGen continually goes over and beyond to evolve our common GTM strategy, produce important marketing content and make strong connections with our deals platoon.

Accenture Adobe Partner of the Year

Vaimo EMEA( Commercial/ Magento). A digital commerce expert fastening simply on Magento and Adobe Commerce Cloud, Vaimo delivered strong value to B2B and B2C merchandisers last time. Vaimo’s allowed leadership, strategy, and services were crucial to fueling growth for numerous of our commerce guests.

Digital Experience Emerging Solution Partner of the Year

121eCommerce and 02 Web( tie) Americas( Commercial/ Magento). Both 121eCommerce and 02 Web were presto- rising stars in 2019. 121eCommerce doubled their Magento 2 instruments, brought in multitudinous new ensigns and were critical counsels guiding guests to estimate Magento Commercevs. Magento Open Source. Canadian- grounded 02 Web also had a record time, erecting both Adobe Analytics and Marketo Engage practices, growing their Magento Commerce footmark, and delivering on- time launches with discipline.

Accenture Adobe Partner of the Year

Digital Pi, a Merkle Company Americas( Commercial/ Marketo). Marketing robotization expert Digital Pi went the redundant afar in icing our guests got the most out of their Marketo Engage investment and integrated technologies; their focus on client value helped drive a great growth time.

Basiliko EMEA( Commercial/ Magento). Basiliko shone last time with a grim focus on client satisfaction, creative sapience into brand pretensions and specialized excellence. Their Magento- certified platoon pleased guests with spare executions delivering reduced time to vend and palpable results.

Digital Experience Delivery Quality Partner of the Year

Gorilla Group, a Wunderman Thompson Company Americas( Commercial/ Magento). Delivery excellence is each about the details and Gorilla Group constantly came through for guests, achieving astral conversion, new stoner activation and sale rates across B2B and B2C guests.

Accenture Adobe Partner of the Year

The Pixel EMEA( Commercial/ Magento). A longtime Magento mate, The Pixel continues to demonstrate outstanding specialized capability, commitment to quality and request focus. Our guests seek out their capability to understand just what it takes to win in the fast- evolving commerce geography.

Digital Experience Exchange Partner of the Year

Nosto Americas( Commercial). Nosto’s Magento Commerce integration uses client data, rich product attributes and performance criteria to give guests the capability to deliver online shopping gests that drive advanced conversion rates, average order values, and eventually, advanced profit.

Drift Americas( Innovation). Drift’s Marketo Engage integration operation has changed the way businesses suppose about live converse. Their innovative β€œ Conversational Marketing ” technology has had a huge impact on our Marketo Engage guests ’ capability to drive digital marketing lead generation.

Akeneo EMEA. Akeneo significantly upgraded its Magento integration, making it easier than ever to manage and deliver harmonious product data across services. Their invention and allowed

leadership in Product Experience operation drove multitudinous client successes in 2019.

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